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Insight Creative Digital is a Dutch based agency specialising in branding, web design and social media.

For the past 15 years, Insight Creative Digital has collaborated with many world-class performing artists, music agencies, record labels, cultural organisations, and entrepreneurs across Europe and North America. Founder Catherine Reijans has an extensive background in classical music, offering a unique skill set for artists aspiring to improve their digital communication.
Offering a wide-range of online services, Insight Creative Digital is dedicated to optimising your digital communication through collaboration, creative solutions and strategic planning.

“Great design is storytelling at its finest; it is insightful, sincere and evokes emotion and change.”

– Jim Antonopoulos, brand strategist and user experience expert 

Our design approach balances creativity, logic and intuition.  We take the time to research, analyse and listen in order to gain insight. Great design is absolutely storytelling at its finest. We want to offer fresh ideas and creative solutions so your story can be told across all digital platforms: visually, purposefully, and with high-quality content.

Why hire us?

We offer inspired and out-of-the-box solutions, we pursue the best concepts, and we value authenticity and functional creativity. With each project we are personal and accountable. We see the advantage in collaboration and want to use our talents to bring out the best in our clients.
Our passion for keeping up with new technology and communication trends shows our commitment to sincerely wanting our clients to succeed. Our honest and focused approach helps to clearly set expectations and deliver on time and within budget. We take the time to listen and are interested in your story, helping you to define what makes you unique.
And we genuinely enjoy what we do!

Catherine Reijans, photo credit Rudi Wells Photography

Catherine Reijans

founder, Insight Creative Digital

Insight Creative Digital is led by American-Dutch web designer and digital communications strategist Catherine Reijans.
Over the course of 15 years, she has built a roster of clients that includes cultural organisations, entrepreneurs, and some of today’s leading musicians. She regularly collaborates with artist agencies, including HarrisonParrott and Encore Artists, and with record labels Warner Classics & Erato and Alpha Classics. Her passion is using her creativity and insight to design unique websites and create engaging content for clients. In an ever-changing digital landscape, she works closely with clients to optimise their presence across all digital platforms, whether it be through branding, designing a new website or logo, creating engaging content or crafting a social media strategy.


Full circle
At the tender age of eight, Catherine dreamt of becoming a greeting card designer. Countless hours were spent at the kitchen table drawing and designing cards, with the signature ‘Katink!’ on the back. It was going to be big. But then the flute came into her life and coloring was replaced by music. Serious hours were invested; she gave countless concerts and gained incredible experiences. Other opportunities came on her path and she wanted work she could do from anywhere. Web design! Color and design were back in her life, but this time by means of the computer.

Being the oldest of six kids quickly turned Catherine into a multitasker. Always curious and wanting to learn, the last years have brought many different job opportunities, most of which in the cultural sector. Before founding Insight Creative Digital, Catherine worked as a freelance flutist in various professional orchestras, as an artistic administrator at the Grachtenfestival in Amsterdam, and as manager/producer/publicist of the Dutch vocal group Frommermann.

Studying at the renowned Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia exposed Catherine to a high level of artistry at a young age. Aside from an unbelievable education as a flutist and musician, Catherine met her husband, Dutch tenor Marcel Reijans, at Curtis.

On the Road
In high school Catherine wished she could travel abroad. Learn a new language! See different countries! The university foreign exchange program never worked out, but instead took on a more extreme form. Twenty years later, Catherine is fluent in Dutch, married to a Dutchman and has settled in the Netherlands. She has three superhero kids who keep her in her multitasking comfort zone and are a source of joy and inspiration. She has adapted very well to the Netherlands, riding her bike every chance she gets, but still misses large Texas parking lots and will never think that ‘drop’ tastes good.

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